Anti-Gay Strategist Admits Same-Sex Couples ‘Having Children, By Itself, Is Not A Reason To Redefine Marriage’

Frank Schubert

Frank Schubert is the media guru behind all four anti-marriage equality campaigns currently underway, and despite the myths his ads regularly reinforce, he doesn’t believe he’s causing that much harm. In an interview with Michelangelo Signorile, he proved that he can’t even justify that arguments that he makes in his ads, demonstrating that he is motivated more by anti-gay animus and heterosexual supremacy than any real concern for “marriage.”

Toward the end of the segment, Signorile cornered Schubert about why he isn’t campaigning against same-sex adoption instead of marriage. Since the most prominent theme of his efforts are the supposed threat posed to children by same-sex marriage (like in the infamous Proposition 8 “Princess” ad), it doesn’t make sense that he would be opposing marriage in Maine, for example, instead of Maine’s two-parent adoption laws. The exchange (abridged below) shows how little substance anti-equality arguments actually have:

SCHUBERT: I will say that the issue here is not about adoption or whether gay couples love their children or should be able to have children. They have that right. I’m not objecting to it. What I’m objecting to is redefining marriage to accommodate that desire. […]

SIGNORILE: You keep arguing that children do best in a heterosexual marriage…

SCHUBERT: This is not a controversial statement… I’m saying children do better with a mother and a father…

SIGNORILE: But you have a sister with children — who is a lesbian — and you should be trying to stop her from having children then.

SCHUBERT: I’m not! That’s ridiculous. You’re making a silly argument. Having children, by itself, is not a reason to redefine marriage. It’s just that simple.

Listen to Signorile’s full interview with Schubert:

Reflecting on the interview, Signorile observes that Schubert’s motivation doesn’t seem to be the issue of marriage itself:

But why isn’t he on that crusade if he truly believes that children do better in heterosexual households, as his campaign rhetoric claims? The only answer is that his money is coming from the folks trying to ban gay marriage, not from those trying to ban gay adoption. And that’s what it seems to be all about for Schubert: money.

In fact, a report released today from the Human Rights Campaign shows that Schubert has netted nearly $3 million for his work with the National Organization for Marriage on the campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, plus almost another $1 million for his work in North Carolina earlier this year. He seems prepared to polish whatever message will keep the money flowing, but it’s clear from this interview that there’s no weight to the foreboding threats made in the ads he produces.