Hate Group Appointee To Bullying Task Force Attacks Gay Families With Faulty Study

Bryan Lindquist testifying that the district shouldn't recognize gay youth because homosexuality is a disorder.

Anoka-Hennepin School District has so far stood by its decision to appoint Bryan Lindquist to its anti-bullying task force, even though he belongs to the anti-gay hate group the Parents Action League. The Department of Justice mandated the overhaul of the district’s bullying policies specifically because of its disregard of LGBT students, so Lindquist is a particularly dubious choice. Truth Wins Out noticed that Lindquist penned a letter to the editor for ABC Newspapers this week in which he cites the fraudulent Regnerus study to attack same-sex parenting:

Here are some of his findings that reveal greater child endangerment in same-sex households than households headed by a mom and a dad:

  • Parental pedophilia:  23 percent of children with a lesbian mother reported having been touched sexually by a parent or adult, compared with 2 percent of those raised by biological parents.
  • Higher number of rape cases: 31 percent of children raised by a lesbian mother and 25 percent raised by a homosexual male report that they were forced to have sex against their will, compared to 8 percent from intact families.
  • Suicidal tendencies are shocking: 24 percent of children raised by homosexual men and 12 percent of children raised by lesbian mothers admitted to having recently contemplated suicide, compared to 5 percent of those raised by biological parents or even a single parent.

He concludes:

The social experiment of legalizing same-sex unions will prove disastrous for kids and bring untold dysfunction and damage to children and society.

Of course, the Regnerus study only included two children that were actually raised throughout their childhood in same-sex parented homes, so there is nothing legitimate to substantiate these claims. Clearly, Lindquist has absolutely no problem publicly scorning and stigmatizing gays and lesbians, encouraging people to believe that they are pedophiles and that they harm children. This is the perspective Anoka-Hennepin School Board Chair Tom Heidemann thinks will help protect LGBT youth in their community — he couldn’t be more wrong.