Mike Huckabee: Vote Against Equality And Choice Or You’ll Go To Hell

As a result of either desperation or just increased media access, Christian conservatives seem to be sinking to a new level of spiritual warfare to achieve their desired result in the election. Insensitive chicken-lover Mike Huckabee is the latest political talking ahead to threaten voters’ very souls if they do not make the “right” choice at the polls this year. In his new video, Huckabee warns Americans that their vote has to to withstand the “test of fire” when it comes to issues like abortion, contraception, and marriage equality:

HUCKABEE: Many issues are at stake, but some issues are not negotiable: The right to life from conception to natural death. Marriage should be reinforced, not redefined. It is an egregious violation of our cherished principle of religious liberty for the government to force the Church to buy the kind of insurance that leads to the taking of innocent human life.

Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? This is Mike Huckabee asking you to join me November 6th and vote based on values that will stand the test of fire.

In other words, anybody who doesn’t vote against the healthcare of women and family security of same-sex couples is going to Hell. Watch it: