Anti-Equality Groups Roll Out More Exaggerated ‘Victim’ Stories

The National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council have unveiled two new videos today in an attempt to reinforce their argument that heterosexuals are somehow made victims when LGBT equality advances.

NOM’s newest clip in its so-called “Anti-defamation Alliance” collection is one of its weakest yet. In an attempt to drum up support from individuals who oppose unions, NOM interviewed Sara Rowe, a firefighter in Duluth, Minnesota. When Rowe’s union came out against the state’s marriage inequality amendment, she disagreed and wrote a letter to the editor expressing her dissent. That’s her entire story; there was no backlash or discrimination or legal issues of any kind. She simply “was made to feel uncomfortable and unaccepted” for who she is, and it seems the irony is lost on her. Watch the clip:

Meanwhile, FRC has reached out to Kathleen Crank and her 14-year-old daughter Sarah, who testified against marriage equality to the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in January. Kathleen’s concern rises from the offensive negative feedback left on Internet comment threads after Sarah’s testimony was posted online. Watch it:

Bullying a 14-year-old girl as these trolls apparently did is no doubt wrong, but not exactly a compelling argument against marriage equality. And Kathleen shares her own burden for posting offensive comments online. When ThinkProgress posted Sarah’s testimony, Kathleen actively engaged in the post’s feedback thread to defend her family’s anti-gay views. Many of those comments seem to have been deleted, but some remain. She claimed that Sarah “wrote [the testimony] herself,” but admitted that she is “thankful that she has embraced my values” — perhaps not surprising considering Sarah is homeschooled. In various comments, Kathleen laid out exactly what those values are:

CRANK: I simply pointed out that AIDS is devastating an entire continent. AIDS is a terrible disease, and in the US [men who have sex with men] are 44 times more likely to contract it than heterosexuals. […]

I have had friends who chose that way, I have family that chose that way. The problem with the GLBT community is that there is this viewpoint that if you love me, if you accept me, then you must celebrate my behaviour and give me everything I want. To me it is similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. I know many many people who have successfully come out of that lifestyle. […]

Truthfully, the best kept secret in the GLBT community is that very few GLBT people want to get a marriage license or speaking out against this legislation is not speaking out against gays. I do believe the practice of homosexuality is harmful and destructive to individuals and society, as I testified several years ago, and that is borne out by the health stats. […]

Nature itself forbids same sex couples to marry. The parts don’t fit and no children can be created. No laws will ever change the natural law. The rage of the GLBT community is really against God and nature.

These are apparently some of the best arguments that opponents of equality can come up with: pity the woman who disagreed with her union and the mother teaching her daughter a distorted reality about the lives of gays and lesbians.