Hate Group Contemplates Anti-Equality ‘Civil Disobedience’

FRC's Tom McClusky calling for 'civil disobedience.'

The Family Research Council hosted a post-election special Wednesday where various religious leaders contemplated how they will approach their anti-equality positions moving forward after their losses on Tuesday. The common theme, as captured in this RightWingWatch highlight reel, seemed to be a shift toward more demonstrative action, with what even seemed to be suggestions of violence.

FRC’s Tom McClusky told Tony Perkins that “civil disobedience” will now be necessary for people who refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. Jim Garlow suggested that silent Christians will realize they’re being persecuted and “our ranks are going to increase dramatically.” Rep-elect Mark Meadows (R-NC) even suggested that Gideon’s army must serve as a model to oppose enemies because “our God will not be mocked.” Watch the clip:

This sentiment mirrors the Manhattan Declaration drafted in 2009, speciously invoking Martin Luther King, Jr. to urge conservative Christians to defy the law if faced with a situation in which they must recognize a same-sex marriage. Ultimately, this serves as a more extreme attempt to paint opponents of equality as victims, a battle they are already losing. The campaigns against marriage equality in this election relied heavily on claims that people who want to discriminate are the true victims, a strategy that failed as the LGBT community did more to highlight same-sex couples’ families and commitment to communities.

Yesterday, the New York Times editorial board called conservatives to task:

It is a moment for the opponents of civil rights for all Americans — including Congressional Republicans, who are still defending the marriage act in court — to decide whether they want to continue to stand against justice to court a dwindling share of voters.

If the Family Research Council and National Organization for Marriage are any indication, these groups will go down fighting, but go down they will.