NOM Surrogates: Marriage Equality Will Destroy Society’s Future

Reverend William Owens

An interesting social experiment this week has been watching how the National Organization for Marriage responds to its massive losses in the election. Yesterday, the group’s President Brian Brown offered that nothing would change and the group was no less convinced the American public stands on the side of discrimination. NOM also sent a message to supporters espousing that its mission against marriage equality had entirely religious motivations, not societal. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that NOM is feeling the desperation, as exemplified by two of its surrogates, whose rhetoric this week has sunk to extreme claims that same-sex marriage is going to destroy not just “the family,” but all of society.

William Owens is NOM’s paid “Religious Liaison” and director of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, a small group of black anti-gay religious leaders who claim to speak on behalf of all black Christians, but who are hardly representative. More than anything, Owens’ group is a prop for NOM’s efforts to “drive a wedge between gays and blacks.” And this week, Owen’s hasn’t backed down at all, claiming that marriage discrimination is “God’s law,” and if society allows same-sex marriage and adoption, then “the whole gamut of the family is going to be destroyed and all areas of the social life will be destroyed from what has been for thousands of years.” Listen to it:

Jennifer Roback Morse, director of NOM’s Ruth Institute, also took to the airwaves this week. She has been very concerned lately about same-sex behavior, endorsing ex-gay therapy and lifetime-celibacy for gay people. Like Owens, she is worried about the fate of society, because “there really isn’t any future in sodomy.” Morse remains astonished that opponents of equality could be accused of standing on the wrong side of history because it’s like “standing reality on its head.” Listen to it (via Jeremy Hooper/Equality Matters):

It does not get more desperate than claiming society will be destroyed if people don’t take a certain position.