Hate Group Doubles Down On Violent Rhetoric, Calling For Anti-Equality ‘Revolution’

The Family Research Council’s desperate reaction to this week’s marriage equality victories continued yesterday with more violent rhetoric. Tony Perkins took to the airways and explained that if the Supreme Court rules that all states must recognize same-sex marriage, it could “break this nation apart“:

PERKINS: I think if the Court steps in at this moment and says, [fist-smack] “We’re redefining marriage, same-sex marriage will be the law in every land,” I’m telling you what, I think you will create a firestorm of opposition. I think that could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When you look at a nation that is so divided along these moral and cultural issues, that you could have — you know I hate to use the word — but I mean a revolt, a revolution. I mean, I think you could see Americans saying, “You know what, enough of this.” And I think it could explode and just break this nation apart.

Watch it:

Ironically, it was just three months ago that the Family Research Council was distancing itself from violent rhetoric as much as possible. In the wake of the shooting at the group’s headquarters, FRC lashed out at the LGBT movement, blaming the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” label and even President Obama for somehow inciting anti-Christian violence. This week, the group has already called for “civil disobedience,” a new “Gideon’s army,” and now a “firestorm of opposition,” a “revolt,” and a “revolution” that could “explode,” all because same-sex couples in three more states can marry. If FRC truly believes violent rhetoric does not belong in the so-called “culture war,” it needs to start holding itself accountable.