Rep. Steve King Admits Marriage Equality Is Here To Stay

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is staunch opponent of LGBT equality. He has proposed bills preventing military chaplains from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies and he believes private business owners should be able to discriminate against LGBT employees. In an interview airing tonight on Iowa Public Television, however, he admits that he is no longer optimistic that his side will win — conceding that same-sex marriage is now the law of the land:

KING: That’s, I think, the kind of prediction that we can expect from looking at these results around the country. Here in Iowa, there’s not going to be a vote on it that I can see and if that’s the case and another two years go by, I would never say never…but it doesn’t look very optimistic for people who believe in traditional marriage as I do.

King also isn’t sure that the Supreme Court will uphold the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act:

KING: Justice Roberts has delivered us a decision on ObamaCare that will forever cause us to wonder and speculate as to how he might come down, and he right now is the swing vote on the Supreme Court.

His perspective on the Court seems to be limited to just the ObamaCare case, because most advocates expect that Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has ruled for gay rights in the past, is the most hopeful swing vote against DOMA, as the Baltimore Sun noted this week.

Diminishing opposition is just as important to progress as increasing victory, but it remains to be seen if King will continue to use his power in Congress to push for more discrimination against the LGBT community.