NOM’s Victim Spokesperson Calls President Obama The ‘Terrorist-In-Chief’

Damian Goddard was a Canadian sportscaster until he called marriage equality “sad and wrong” on Twitter. His employer made it clear they were already unhappy with him and his comments were merely the last straw, and just last week Goddard admitted he wasn’t fired because of his position on marriage. But that hasn’t prevented Goddard from being the National Organization for Marriage’s primary spokesperson for its so-called “Anti-Defamation Alliance,” which attempts to paint individuals who wish to discriminate against same-sex couples as victims of the freedom to marry. Goddard narrated various ads against equality in the four states, starring in some himself, falsely claiming he was a victim of same-sex marriage too. Now, this Canadian profiting off American anti-equality efforts has reacted to the election by calling President Obama a terrorist:

You live in the freest country ever known to mankind.  As the anthem states, America is the land of the free but freedom comes with bravery, not running and hiding.   Your job is to stay.  And fight.  For the battle is still ongoing.

You leave, the terrorists win.  And heck, isn’t that what the Terrorist-in-Chief wants, anyway?

Now, excuse me while I go back to funding the slaughter of innocent life in the womb through my tax dollars.

After Jeremy Hooper posted Goddard’s comments and numerous other blogs helped raise awareness, Goddard defended — and as Equality Matters noted, doubled down — his “terrorist” remarks, because “Obama strikes terror into the souls” of those who oppose choice and equality:

Given NOM’s other surrogates have also raised alarm this week with claims that marriage equality will destroy society, perhaps it’s not surprising that Goddard would who might lead that impending apocalypse.