Family Research Council Defends Boy Scouts’ Anti-Gay Discrimination As ‘Security’ Against Pedophilia

The Family Research Council is not happy that UPS has ended its charitable donations to the Boy Scouts of America, and used its daily update Tuesday to defend the Scouts’ discrimination against gay youth and leaders. Claiming that the Scouts have been made “the target of harassment, ridicule, and now financial bullying,” FRC claims the discriminatory policy is important because somehow it will protect scouts from child sex abuse:

What UPS and other corporations refuse to acknowledge is that the Scouts’ policy isn’t a matter of intolerance–but security. After hundreds of cases of child sex abuse plagued the organization, the BSA tried to create a membership criteria in the best interest of kids’ safety and parents’ rights. Over the years, the Boy Scouts have paid millions–possibly hundreds of millions–to boys victimized by same-sex predators. And the financial toll was nothing compared to the emotional trauma of these children, whose lives are forever scarred by those encounters. For more than 100 years, the Scouts have focused on instilling character and leadership into America’s boys. They aren’t about to compromise that mission just to placate liberal companies and activists.

As Alvin McEwen noted, pedophilia is not a sexual orientation and notably, most pedophiles identify as heterosexual. It is by drawing fraudulent connections between homosexuality and pedophilia that FRC earns its designation as a “hate group.” There is nothing to substantiate the offensive implication that the Scouts would somehow be financial victims if they don’t discriminate because they’d end up paying out more to victims of abuse. Indeed, the issues of abuse are completely irrelevant, and thanks to the principles of companies like Intel and UPS, the Scouts are only going to be financial victims because of their refusal to be an inclusive organization.