Uganda May Take Up ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill Next Week As ‘Christmas Gift’ To People

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has demanded that lawmakers vote on the never-dying “Kill The Gays” Bill by Tuesday. She believes it should be passed before the end of the year as a “Christmas gift” to its advocates, and she has rebuffed any threats from Western countries to cut aid.

In anticipation of the possible vote, Box Turtle Bulletin has provided a breakdown of the law, correcting misreports from the media that the bill died or that it no longer has death penalty provisions. One of the bill’s odious qualities is a charge for “aggravated homosexuality,” which results when “serial offenders” stack up violations. A number of “related offenses” make this charge very feasible, including renting a room to a gay person, refusing to report a gay person to police, using the internet to advocate for the rights of gay people, or donating to a pro-gay cause — even if any of those are committed by straight people. Under the bill, a charge for aggravated homosexuality is grounds for execution.

While it’s technically true that the bill no longer includes the word “death,” it does still call for the death penalty. Here was the proposed tweak to the language:

1. Clause 3 (2) is amended by substituting for the words “…suffer death’’ with words “…the penalty provided for aggravated defilement under Section 129 of the Penal Code Act”.


To harmonise the provision with the penalty under the Penal Code Act.

As BTB points out, Section 129 of the Penal Code Act specifies that anybody who commits one of the already illegal sexual acts is “liable to suffer death.” The language change is a distinction without a difference. The bill still demands the death penalty for anyone arrested for being gay. That is the law Kadaga believes will be a “Christmas gift” to her people.