Washington Couple Invites Others To A Mass Gay Wedding

Teresa Guajardo and Tina Roose tour the Capitol with their neice. (Photo Credit: Chelsea Krotzer, The News Tribune.)

Back in February, Teresa Guajardo and Tina Roose reserved the Washington Capitol Rotunda for December 15 to hold their wedding. Roose calculated that would be the first Saturday after marriage equality becomes law assuming voters passed Referendum 74. In addition to a tribute to the legislature for passing the law, Roose explained that the Capitol reservation was “an act of faith in the voters of the state of Washington.” Now, the couple wants to open their reservation to any other same-sex couples who want to join them:

GUAJARDO: We just said, “Let’s share the joy.” Let’s share the fun and give everybody an opportunity to have a beautiful event in a way that’s somewhat easy.

They have ordered cake for over 200 and are inviting other couples to join them via Facebook. Their wedding will begin at 12:30, then other couples can get married from 1-2:30 on the Rotunda’s various balconies as receptions are ongoing above that.