Salvation Army Claims Its Anti-Gay Reputation Is An Internet Rumor

When Salvation Army Major George Hood told Current TV host that the Salvation Army is not anti-gay, she didn’t challenge him on it. He claimed it was all just one big internet rumor:

HOOD: Well it’s a great misunderstanding that’s spread across the country, and we’re doing everything we can to re-educate and help people understand that the very mission of the Salvation Army calls for meeting the needs of humans without discrimination…. So discrimination is not something that we would gladly carry the banner or pride over, we want to dispel the notion that we do discriminate when the fact is we’re working very hard not discriminating and it is a part of our mission.

MILLER: You know, Chris, you can help me with some of the things, you know, again, you’re right, Major, once things get out there, you know…

HOOD: Many of those things start fueling through blog sites and postings on the Internet and it’s really really tough to shut them down when they get out there.

Watch it:

Unfortunately for Miller, Hood himself is on record expressing concern about hiring gay employees, telling the Washington Post in 2001 that “it really begins to chew away at he theological fabric of who we are.” John Aravosis compiled a significant record documenting the Army’s opposition to LGBT people. In its position statement on homosexuality, the Salvation Army demands that gay people be celibate because “scripture forbids sexual intimacy between members of the same sex.” (Incidentally, this position statement is currently unavailable on the Army’s website, as it is supposedly “Under review.” The screencap above is what was previously found at the site.)

If Hood’s comments were accurate or represented a change toward inclusion, that would be laudable. Unfortunately, Miller seems to have simply been caught unaware and allowed Hood’s dubious claims to go unchallenged.