Current TV Hosts Apologize For Supporting Salvation Army

Yesterday, Current TV host Stephanie Miller allowed Salvation Army Major George Hood to claim his church organization is not anti-gay, though its record clearly demonstrates otherwise. Miller and Current TV colleague Bill Press had also launched a competition to raise money for the Salvation Army over the holiday season. In a written statement as well as on her show today, she has apologized for not thoroughly researching the organization’s anti-gay record and also ended the fundraiser, donating matching funds for what had already been collected to The Trevor Project:

Where I screwed up was in not doing more research about the Salvation Army’s long and checkered history involving LGBTQ people and our issues. I sincerely apologize for that.

When I returned from the Thanksgiving holiday, I learned a lot more — much of of it from friends like John Aravosis at America Blog and Michelangelo Signorile at Sirius OutQ — and I decided that, effective immediately, Talking Liberally and The Stephanie Miller Show would no longer be a part of the Salvation Army’s Online Red Kettle Campaign.

Please understand that I do believe the Salvation Army does much good work in the world and I also believe in redemption. I sincerely hope they will change their mission statement and policies regarding the LGBTQ community and I am very willing to continue that dialogue with them.

Through yesterday, your generosity has raised $1,150 for the Salvation Army in the Stephanie Miller Red Kettle.

I am now going to personally match that amount with a donation to the Trevor Project, whose work and mission I can endorse without any reservation. The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.

Listen to the clip from today’s show in which Miller explains that Hood was not telling the truth Tuesday: