Pat Robertson: Confederate General Would Be Unhappy About Same-Sex Union At West Point

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson

Televangelist and failed 1988 Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson lamented on his 700 Club broadcast Monday that dead military figures would not have approved of the first same-sex weddings held at United States Military Academy at West Point. Among those who would be most upset, he suggested, was Gen. Robert E. Lee, whose status as an alum was arguably overshadowed in history books by his stint as commander of the Confederate Army.

Lee Webb, a anchor on the program announced what he termed the “sad” news that one of the members of the first-ever class of women to graduate from the Academy (in 1980) had married her partner of 17 years in the West Point Cadet Chapel. Robertson, creaking in his chair, expressed horror at the news, on behalf of the school’s dead alumni:

WEBB: The U.S. Military Academy at West Point hosted its first same-sex weddings. They were held over the past two weekends, one of them in the academy’s historic chapel. Army chaplains from other posts performed the ceremonies because the denominations of the West Point chaplains do not allow them to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. New York legalized same-sex marriage last year; a few months later Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed and gays were allowed to serve openly in the military. A sad day, Pat.

ROBERTSON: General Douglas MacArthur rolling over in his grave. Ulysses S. Grant rolling over in his. Robert E. Lee rolling over in his. What have we done to our cherished institution?

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