Liberty Counsel: Gays Are Damaging To Society ‘Just Like Smoking Or Drug Addiction’

RightWingWatch noticed this new meme image from the Liberty Counsel condemning homosexuality in quite astonishing terms. Here is the text printed on it:

We believe that those involved in homosexuality are created in the image of God and, because of that, deserve respect. However, their actions are damaging both to themselves and to society as a whole. Just like smoking or drug addiction, this behavior should not be encouraged or promoted by our government.

We believe that those involved in homosexuality are complete personalities who should not be confined to a label because of a sexual act. To do so is as superficial as labeling an adulteress wife or husband because of a sexual act. These actions are seeking the same love, validation, and acceptance that all of us seek, yet an answer will not be found in repeated unhealthy interactions or societal and governmental improvement of these actions. We believe this deep hunger can and will only be satisfied in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Just last night, the Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver was on CNN defending ex-gay therapy with polished talking points, claiming that neither LC nor the ex-gay profiteers they represent stigmatize people who are gay. This image demonstrates just how untrue that is and how much more candid anti-gay groups when not speaking to a mainstream audience.

This statement is stigmatizing in every possible way. It casts moral judgment by comparing loving committed same-sex couples to adulterers. It implies that all gay sex is uniquely “unhealthy,” when in fact the definition of safe sex is consistent across all sexual orientations. And it quite blatantly stigmatizes gays and lesbians by describing them as “damaging… to society as a whole.” The Liberty Counsel may claim that “those involved in homosexuality… deserve respect,” but they are wholly committed to casting the LGBT community as threatening pariahs.