Military Spouses Group Delays Action On Admitting Lesbian

The Ft. Bragg Officers’ Spouses group is blatantly discriminating against Ashley Broadway, a lesbian spouse who is seeking to join the group, inventing reasons to keep her out that are not currently part of its by-laws. On Wednesday, the group released a statement championing its own work and announcing that no action would be taken until its next board meeting, presumably after the holidays:

In response to recent interest in the membership requirements of our organization, we will review the issue at our next board meeting. This will be our first opportunity for our board to discuss the issue since it has been brought to our attention. We intend to review the request in a timely manner. As an all-volunteer board during this busy holiday season, we request your patience in allowing us to properly address and review this membership issue while fulfilling our obligations to our current membership as well as to our families.

OutServe-SLDN criticized the group for this stalling tactic, pointing out that “The group doesn’t need a meeting… It simply needs to accept Ashley into its membership, and it should do so immediately.” A Pentagon spokesman told BuzzFeed that the Department of Defense is “conducting a deliberative and comprehensive review” of what benefits can be extended to same-sex couples. That “review” has hypothetically been underway since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell took effect in 15 months ago and has no¬†foreseeable¬†endpoint. Even still, the spouses group does not fall under the Department’s purview, and thus it bears full responsibility for its discrimination against Broadway.