Police Interrupt Peaceful LGBT Protest In Vatican

A small group of protesters attempted to enter St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican on Sunday as Pope Benedict was giving his weekly address. The protesters carried signs with messages like “Marriage for All,” “Homophobia = death,” and “Talk About Love.” Unfortunately, police confiscated their signs and forced them to leave the area.

The demonstration was a response to Pope Benedict’s World Day of Peace 2013 address, which claims that same-sex marriage is irrational and a “serious harm to justice and peace.” Several of the participants carried signs that read, “Gay unions don’t harm peace, weapons do.” Gianfranco Mascia, organizer of the protest, explained its purpose:

MASCIA: We find intolerable the assertion that gay unions are dangerous to the world. Weapons are much more dangerous. No to arms, yes to rights for everyone.

Watch a video of police offers taking the signs and evicting the protesters: