Uganda Court Drops Charges Against Producer Of Gay Play

David Cecil after being arrested in Uganda. (Photo Credit: Stephen Wandera, AP)

British theatre producer David Cecil was arrested back in September for his work on the play The River and the Mountain, which features a gay character who is ultimately killed by his own employees. Prosecutors claimed the play was staged “against lawful orders,” but a Ugandan court has dismissed those charges. Now, his lawyer is prepared to sue the government for malicious prosecution:

A win for freedom in Uganda! A case against a British script producer, David Cecil (accused of staging a “homosexual play”-The Mountain and the River and disobeying “lawful” orders) has been dismissed for lack of evidence by the Magistrates Court at Makindye. We can now sue the State for the malicious prosecution. This is the type of work I’m willing to do for the rest of my life. No man should be arrested, detained, charged and imprisoned arbitrarily for expressing himself. Rights and Freedoms are inherent and not granted by cultural and religious beliefs/institutions, families, parents, the Government or the State.

Despite the incessant anticipation of anti-gay legislation and hostile climate for Ugandan gays and lesbians, the Ugandan courts have repeatedly ruled in favor of LGBT advocates when they are unfairly targeted by the media or government forces.