Blogger Compiles Conservatives’ Anti-Gay Arguments: ‘How They See Us’

Blogger Alvin McEwen (Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters) has compiled a booklet highlighting the many ways anti-gay conservatives try to distort portrayals of the LGBT community in order to secure their arguments. Though many of these perspectives are familiar, the collection demonstrates just how insidious and long-founded the campaign against equality truly is. Here are a few of the portrayals McEwen lays out, including many blatant contradictions:

  • Gays have dangerous sexual habits.
  • Gays have diseases with which they infect the heterosexual community.
  • Gays want “access” to children for the purpose of “recruiting” or molestation.
  • Gays have a natural tendency toward violent behavior.
  • Gays are sick, perverted, mentally ill people.
  • Gays make lots of money.
  • Gays are only a small part of the population.
  • Gays “control” the culture.
  • Gays “bully” all who oppose them.

McEwen also highlights numerous researchers who have rebuked such claims made using their publications, pointing out that such interpretations are false and harmful. Nevertheless, this propaganda is unfortunately given merit by the media because its purveyors successfully frame it as an expression of Christian faith, as McEwen concludes:

What needs to be taken away from this booklet is that religious right propaganda about the gay community is just that – propaganda. It is neither rooted in fact nor Biblical faith. The vile accusations that so-called family-oriented groups lodge against the gay community are no different than those lodged against African-Americans by white supremacists groups or accusations lodged against the Jewish community by anti-Semitic groups. They are all preconceived notions rooted in fear and lies. The only difference being that anti-gay propaganda is sometimes mistaken as “personal deeply held religious beliefs” and expressions of the Christian faith.

And this dodge is very successful.

McEwen’s booklet is an important new tool for helping individuals learn to debunk anti-gay propaganda. Click here to read it in full.