Illinois GOP Chairman Stands By Support For Marriage Equality

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady has taken a lot of heat for his support of marriage equality, but he’s not backing down. When the state legislature was considering a marriage equality bill during the lame duck session, Brady was calling lawmakers of his own volition encouraging them to support it. Now, members of the state GOP committee are calling on him to resign, and even the National Organization for Marriage has promised a $250,000 vengeance campaign against any Republican who supports the freedom to marry.

Brady calls Illinois’ ban on same-sex marriage the state’s “last condoned discrimination.” He believes, “We need to change the brand or the image of the party of this group of angry, old white guys, and that’s what we look like right now.” And despite his detractors, Brady has the support of the state party’s highest-ranking elected official, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), who has expressed his “full confidence” in Brady’s leadership.