NOM Caught Allying With Anti-Gay Hate Group’s Vitriolic Rhetoric

Screenshot of the deleted post.

The National Organization for Marriage has always attempted to maintain distance between its efforts and the more candid anti-gay rhetoric of groups more publicly identified by their Christianity. Plenty of exceptions have always been found, but NOM no longer seems to be trying to uphold such distinctions. In its efforts to fight marriage equality in Rhode Island, NOM has allied with MassResistance, an extremist group designated a “hate group” for its anti-gay rhetoric.

On its Rhode Island for Marriage page, NOM published two videos as a “preview” of what the “radical homosexualist movement” is all about, each full of hate groups’ rhetoric condemning homosexuality as a disorder and sin worthy of death and calling the LGBT movement a push toward the “collapsing morality” of “atheistic Communism.” That was until Jeremy Hooper called them out today, and without explanation, NOM removed the post from its page. Screenshots preserve the record, and more importantly, the videos can still be viewed on YouTube:

Perhaps NOM did not watch the videos before posting them, or perhaps the organization didn’t count on being associated with the offensive content they contain. Either way, NOM’s new alliances are troubling, and it will be interesting to see how they maintain their new relationships while trying to hide from the resulting bad PR.