Tony Perkins Compares Gay Soldiers To Mass Murderers And Pedophiles Kidnapping Children

Jeremy Hooper uncovered a sermon delivered last July by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. In it, he makes the most odious comparison, juxtaposing gay soldiers marching in a pride parade to the Aurora shooting and pedophiles kidnapping children:

PERKINS: I believe we see a generation rising that proclaims neither a dedication to our nation or Almighty God. I mean, just look at some of the headlines that took place this week:

The most tragic mass shooting in the history of our nation at the opening event of the latest Batman movie.

Yesterday for the first time in the history of our nation’s military, men and women in uniform marched in a gay pride parade in San Diego, California.

Children are being snatched off our streets almost daily, taken from their parents and their families by perverted individuals pursuing their own interests and desires.

I ask you this morning, “Are we a nation under God or are on the verge being a nation gone under?”

Listen to it:

Here is a picture of those servicemembers marching in the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade in uniform:

Here is an image of the 12 individuals murdered in the Aurora, Colorado shooting:

Not only does Tony Perkins believe these two incidents are equally as tragic, he preaches to others that they should feel the same way. It’s this kind of demonization of gays and lesbians that prompts the Southern Poverty Law Center to designate the Family Research Council as a hate group. Just one month after Perkins delivered this sermon, FRC was unfortunately targeted by a gunman who wounded a security guard but luckily did not kill anyone.  At that time FRC blamed the SPLC for granting a “license” for violence with its “hate group” label. Of course, when the FBI’s latest hate crime statistics showed that the number of incidents targeting a person’s sexual orientation went up even though the incidents targeting other groups went down, FRC had no comment.