Key Anti-Gay Republican: GOP Has Lost The Marriage Equality Fight

Prominent anti-gay advocate Gary Bauer admitted on Wednesday that his party cannot keep up with the change in public opinion on marriage equality, according to an interview with the conservative religious organization LifeSiteNews. Bauer, a former president of the Family Research Council who remains influential in certain evaneglical and Republican circles, ran a super PAC during the 2012 election that attacked President Obama on his support for marriage equality. While Bauer suggested after the election that then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have won over critical minority voters by attacking LGBT rights, he’s now admitting that he was mistaken:

The coalition in favor of normal marriage has been made up of political conservatives and American minority groups, including Hispanics and blacks. But the president’s so-called ‘evolution’ on this issue has resulted in what appears to be a major shift among blacks and Hispanics toward favoring same-sex marriage.

Bauer added that, despite the collapse of his so-called “coalition in favor of normal marriage,” the GOP would not change its position on marriage equality, saying “virtually all the candidates that competed for the GOP nomination this cycle supported traditional marriage. The party platform unambiguously did, also. I think that will be the case again in 2016.” He also suggested that the GOP could do very little to shift public opinion, admitting that “I don’t think we can expect the Republican Party to save us.”

Though Bauer suggests that “the church” can save Republicans from defeat on this issue through more vocal anti-gay activism, that’s not likely. The trend towards greater public support for marriage equality is deep and longstanding, and results from the 2012 election prove that even intense efforts by anti-equality groups to “race-wedge” on marriage will not work, as minority voters (an increasingly large percentage of the electorate) tend to support marriage equality.