Conservatives Use Inauguration To Double Down On Anti-Gay Race-Wedging

Last year, the release of a confidential memo revealed the National Organization for Marriage’s intent to “drive a wedge” between gays and blacks by trying to co-opt the language of “civil rights.” In the wake of President Obama’s second inaugural address comparing Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall, NOM and other anti-equality conservatives are reinvesting in this failed strategy to try to create more racial divides.

NOM’s weekly review this week is dedicated to dog-whistle messages trying to rally African Americans against LGBT equality. The group’s president, Brian Brown, eagerly offered his explanation of civil rights and co-opted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to put icing on the racist cake:

In an interview I gave to NBC News recently, I told them point blank: “Same-sex marriage is not a civil right. To try and compare in any way the attempt to redefine marriage with the Civil Rights movement is simply false. I think that the president’s forgetting about the most important group affected by this and their civil rights, and that’s children having the civil right to have both a mom and a dad.”

The fight continues. Let us continue to stand together in defense of timeless truths, truths we know from both Nature and Nature’s God. Justice for children is the great cause for which we strive.

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we celebrate said, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

Alveda King, Dr. King’s niece, who is often a surrogate for NOM but who mostly focuses on opposing a woman’s right to choose, added to the wedge tactics:

KING: Now in the 21st century, to see the NAACP advancing abortion [and] homosexual ‘marriage,’ what they’re doing is they’re promoting reproductive genocide… African-Americans are coming out and burning membership cards to the NAACP. Thousands of African-Americans across this land have spoken out against the president’s agenda, which includes homosexual marriage, abortion, contraceptives.

These attempts to speak on behalf of the entire black community are unfair and unfounded, particularly because they completely erase the existence of LGBT people of color. NOM’s race-wedging strategies did not succeed in the Maryland marriage fight last year, and they will continue to fall on deaf ears.