Ex-Gay Therapist Blames Patients For Their Failure To ‘Pray Away The Gay’

Dr. Anthony Duk, Ex-gay therapist

Anthony Duk is one of the practitioners of “ex-gay therapy” who is challenging California’s new law banning offering the treatment to minors. He spoke with American Medical News about the suit and explained that yes, his patients have been unsuccessful at changing their sexual orientation, but they’re to blame, not the “therapy”:

With this bill, what’s really at stake is the definition of masculinity as well as the entire basis of civilization,” he said. “When men don’t act like men, you have a breakdown of traditional family roles and weakening of the entire human race.”

Dr. Duk said he sees about three patients a year who he said need help fighting same-sex attractions. His treatment of such patients has not resulted in the desired outcomes, he said.

“I was not successful with the ones I had because they did not stay long enough,” he said. “The major factor is whether the patient really wants to heal. The ones who want to get better, those are the ones” able to change.

So according to Duk, even though his patients pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and dedicate years of their lives to the treatment, they’re just not dedicated enough. Not one study has shown that ex-gay therapy can actually change a person’s sexual orientation, but the shame and stigma can be harmful. Rather than acknowledge that he’s participating in a fraud, however, Duk is choosing to sue California in the hopes of continuing to profit off of that fraud. This is not a doctor with his patients’ best interests in mind. (HT: Box Turtle Bulletin.)