Emory University Students Aren’t Backing Down Campaign Against Campus Chick-fil-A

LGBT students at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia have been campaigning against the Chick-fil-A franchise on campus because of the company’s anti-gay policies and giving. The campus community has had a thoughtful conversation about what can legally be done in the immediate, but the students continue to advocate for the chain to leave campus. Earlier this week, Campus Pride executive director Shane Windmeyer took a somewhat ambivalent position on the company’s record because of his new friendship with its president, Dan Cathy. But the students in Emory’s LGBT alumni group, GALA, and LGBT student group, Emory Pride, are unfazed by the revelation:

GALA: We believe that the ‘Dan and Me’ article by Shane Windmeyer of Campus Pride does not change the funding issue.  Winshape continues to fund anti-LGBT organizations, albeit, according to Mr. Windmeyer, less evil ones. Emory GALA continues to stand behind our previous statements and until Chick-fil-A and Winshape release a statement that they will no longer fund any anti-LGBT organizations, we will continue to push for and support the removal of Chick-fil-A from Emory University’s campus.

PRIDE: Shane Windmeyer and Dan Cathy have been very brave to sustain a respectful and trusting conversation despite knowing that both of their communities may be quick to dismiss them, and it is heartening to see that Chick-Fil-A’s WinShape institute did not contribute to the most divisive anti-LGBTQ groups in 2012. However, Shane Windmeyer does not speak for the entire LGBTQ community, nor do we. […] Chick-Fil-A has already become a symbol of hate that causes active harm, and this symbolic meaning will not disappear because of one man becoming friends with another.

Campus Pride provides support and resources for LGBT college students and their allies, but suspended their campaign against Chick-fil-A back in September. It remains unclear to what extent Campus Pride will support students who continue to protest, like those at Emory, given this suspension and new friendship.