Hawaii’s Only Republican Senator Admits Marriage Equality Will Pass

Hawai’i’s state Senate has only one Republican, and Sen. Sam Slom has conceded that proposed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage will likely pass:

SLOM: Same sex marriage probably will pass this year. You’ve got a preponderance of Democrats who support it in both Houses, you’ve got the Congressional delegation, you’ve got our Governor!

Despite his concession to inevitability, Slom will still oppose the bill:

SLOM: To me, I don’t care if gay people want to get married but to force other people to do things or to subsidize certain activities– that I oppose.

In other words, he believes that it’s perfectly fair to provide security and support for opposite-sex families but not for same-sex families. Fortunately, his position does not have the support to get anywhere.

Hearing dates have still not been set for the proposed bills.