Today Is National Gay-Straight Alliance Day

Today is National Gay-Straight Alliance Day, an opportunity to celebrate the work that GSAs are doing in middle schools, high schools, and on university campuses across the country to create safe learning environments for LGBT students. Increasing the visibility of these 3,000+  groups is essential to ensuring their efforts reach as many students as possible:

Violence and discrimination against LGBT students is the rule, not the exception, in American schools. It is a national disgrace that students feel threatened in school simply because of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.  While Americans need to know that thousands of students each day go to school or college and endure LGBT violence and harassment, they must also know that GSAs are a tool in helping end violence and that these student groups save lives.

Indeed, research has shown that LGBT students at schools with a GSA hear fewer homophobic marks, experience less victimization, and generally feel safer. Even the mere presence of a club can help mitigate students’ depression and improve the likelihood they’ll succeed in college.

Show your support for GSA Day by standing up against bullying: