Focus On The Family: Marriage Equality Is A ‘Pernicious Lie Of Satan’

Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton stopped by Truth in Action Ministries radio this week to discuss marriage equality. He didn’t provide any particular new arguments about why same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to receive the same governmental protections as other married couples, but he did offer some fiery new condemnations:

STANTON: This is a really pernicious lie of Satan to say that the gender part of humanity doesn’t really matter because the gender part of humanity is really denying the distinct God imaging in each of us as males and females. We need to understand that as Christians. That’s the biggest thing. […]

These are not advocates of marriage; they’re advocates for redefining marriage. They know that making gender any irrelevant part of the equation really does redefine not only marriage but the family itself if not humanity completely.

Listen to it (via RightWingWatch):

It’s odd to think that all of the “family” groups claim to support marriage, but ignore that same-sex couples want to do the very same thing. Creating a stable home environment for raising a family is exactly why the LGBT community is advocating for full marriage equality. Somehow in Stanton’s mind, if same-sex couples act like everybody else it’ll “redefine humanity completely,” but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.