The Morning Pride: February 19, 2013

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– Minnesota Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL) will introduce marriage equality legislation this week.

– Watch a woman be forcibly removed from a presentation by ex-gay speaker Kent Paris for peacefully challenging his claims.

– The first same-sex spouse of a military servicemember is set to be buried in a national cemetery.

– The opponents of marriage equality in Illinois are afraid of “the normalization of homosexual behavior” and would prefer gays “put trust in Jesus” so they can have “freedom” from homosexuality.

– A new survey of young people in the United Kingdom shows that many more are coming out as LGBT in their teens, but are seeking out emotional support when they do.

– Three out of four British HIV-positive individuals cancel their insurance after diagnosis, without even checking the terms of the contract first.

– In a sketch featuring Christoph Waltz, Jimmy Kimmel Live relied on an anti-trans punchline last week.

– A French local councillor is in trouble for attacking three gay-rights campaigners.

Transgender teacher Rafe Posey describes his first year working in a New York public school.

– Ten-(and-a-half)-year-old Braiden Neubecker describes what it’s like in her family with two dads.

– Watch Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) honor Charlie Morgan, the lesbian guardsman who was challenging the Defense of Marriage Act but passed away of cancer last week: