The Morning Pride: February 21, 2013

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– President Obama has still not appointed an LGBT Cabinet member.

– The White House also still hasn’t decided whether to weigh in on the Proposition 8 case, either.

– The Illinois House will consider the marriage equality bill passed by the Senate on February 26.

– The Virginia House has voted to no longer prosecute people for cohabitating or having sex outside of marriage.

– The Colorado Senate will consider repealing unenforced criminal penalties for discriminating in places of public accommodation.

– One man wants to make sure the Associated Press understands that he and his spouse use the term “husbands.”

– Willie Iles Jr., national director of government and community relations for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), didn’t take a blatant position on the group’s anti-gay policy, but pointed out that it’s had issues with discrimination in the past that can’t be ignored.

– Meanwhile, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution urging the BSA to maintain its policy, calling out any Boy Scout who “surreptitiously built support” for the proposed change.

– A new study from PFLAG in Queensland, Australia found that 70 percent of gay and lesbian children had been bullied for their sexuality, including sometimes by their own teachers.

– Watch Jimmy Hales, a gay Mormon, come out to his friends and family: