Laura Bush Objects To Being Quoted Accurately Supporting Marriage Equality

This week, the Respect for Marriage Coalition launched a new $1 million print and television ad campaign highlighting bipartisan support for marriage equality. Unfortunately, it seems Former First Lady Laura Bush is not happy about being included in the ads, according to a statement obtained by the Dallas Morning News:

But Bush spokeswoman Anne MacDonald said in a statement Wednesday that the former first lady “did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement nor is she associated with the group that made the ad in any way.”

When she became aware of the advertisement last night, we requested that the group remove her from it,” MacDonald said.

This request is a cowardly escape from her role as a public figure. If Bush did not want her support for marriage equality to be widely known or cited, she should not have written about it in her book or openly discussed it with Larry King on CNN. Her comments and her position are part of the public record, and unless her position has changed and she now opposes same-sex marriage, she doesn’t really have room to be making such a request.

Here is the full conversation from her 2010 interview with Larry King. She conceded that she disagrees with her husband, President George W. Bush, on the issue of same-sex marriage and that she believes its full legalization is inevitable. Her comments as excerpted in the ad are in no way taken out of context. Watch it:


The campaign has agreed to remove Bush from the ads.

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