STUDY: No Difference Among Same-Sex Parents In Britain

The British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) has released a new report showing that there is no difference between opposite-sex and same-sex parents in the United Kingdom. The study included 49 opposite-sex couples, 41 gay male couples, and 40 lesbian couples, all raising children. According to Professor Susan Golombok of the Centre for Family Research — not a conservative organization like its similarly named counterparts in the U.S. — stereotypes about gay parents are “unfounded”:

GOLOMBOK: Overall we found markedly more similarities than differences in experiences between family types. The anxieties about the potentially negative effects for children of being placed with gay fathers seem to be, from our study, unfounded.

This report just adds to the many studies that already show same-sex couples are just as capable of raising children as opposite-sex parents. Unfortunately, conservatives who believe kids benefit from the sex stereotypes of a mother and a father are often disinterested in such facts.