POLL: Large Majority For Marriage Equality In Delaware

Delaware residents favor statewide legislation enacting marriage equality by a seventeen point margin, according to a new poll commissioned by Equality Denver. The poll, conducted by polling firm Global Strategy Group, found strong support among the state’s Democrats and Independents, leading to an overall majority in the generally blue state:

A clear majority of Delaware voter (54%) support the legislature passing a new law to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, while 37% oppose such a law…Support is nearly as high among independents (61%) as it is among Democrats (65%).

The poll backs up Gov. Jack Markell (D), who expects the state to move beyond its current civil union law to full equality this year, but will likely not be appreciated by Wilmington Bishop Francis Malooly, who recently criticized marriage equality on the peculiar grounds that it created a culture in which heterosexual couples were less likely to get married.

This new Delaware data bolsters a clear trend in the 2013 polling on marriage equality. Results from Rhode Island, California, Illinois, Nevada, Hawaii, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and the nation as a whole suggest the momentum behind equality in the United States isn’t slowing down.