Bryan Fischer Compares Being Gay To Robbing A Bank

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is not thrilled by Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-OH) announcement that he now supports marriage equality because of what he has learned from his son being gay. Fischer explained that just because a child is something doesn’t mean a parent should support it. His comparison? Robbing a bank:

While a story like this naturally stirs our emotions with sympathy for the family, and even fear for the future of his son, we still must ask the question as to whether such a revelation should be a basis to change our collective mind about the cornerstone institution of Western Civilization. The answer to this question must surely be “No.”

Public policy should be based on reason, not emotion. If it turned out my son was a bank robber, I would not love my son any less. I might even have great sympathy for the circumstances that drove him to steal. I would come alongside him and help him in any way that was in my power. But I would not change my mind about the morality of bank robbing.

Fischer noticeably avoids addressing Portman’s son directly. Indeed, conservatives regularly ignore the reality of the lives LGBT people are already living in favor of ideals and and principles that they apply without regard for consequence. Bank robbers go to prison, and apparently that’s exactly where Fischer believes Portman’s son belongs.