NOM’s Anti-Gay March Is Breaking Up The Boys In The Band

Last week, gospel band The Lee Boys announced they were pulling out of the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-equality march next week because “music is about love.” Interestingly, the original blog post on NOM’s site promoting the bands has been taken down. The other band NOM had booked was a group called “Ultramontane,” which supposedly played music with roots in the Celtic folk tradition. The only problem with Ultramontane is that it didn’t exist before last week — it’s a subgroup of a band known as Scythian. This was discovered when some oddly-cropped photos were matched up.

Here was the “Ultramontane” photo NOM posted:

Here’s what Scythian’s webpage looked like until just a few days ago:

The recurring picture is no longer in use on either website. Apparently, “Ultramontane” is three members of Scythian (Alexander Fedoryka, Danylo Fedoryka, and Ben-David Warner) who are willing to support NOM’s anti-gay efforts, whereas the other two members (Andrew Toy and Josef Crosby) did not want to be associated with the march. In fact, drummer Andrew Toy has publicly posted, “I have always been and will always be an LGBT ally and supporter of marriage equality.” The group is performing together both before and after the march, but are temporarily breaking up over the issue of same-sex marriage.

Skyline Music LLC released the following statement on behalf of the band:

Like this country, the members of Scythian are divided on the definition of marriage, but, remaining great friends, they have the utmost respect for each other’s’ freedoms of speech and assembly.

The statement originally appeared on Scythian’s Facebook page, but that is also currently hidden from public display.

Incidentally, “Ultramontane” refers to Catholic philosophy that places strong emphasis on the powers of the Pope and his hierarchical authority — an unsurprising choice given NOM’s tight affiliation with the Catholic Church and the bishops’ opposition to marriage equality. In contrast, “Scythian” refers to an Iranian nomadic people who are believed to be ancestors of the Celts.

As Jamie McGonnigal noted when reporting on the band’s temporary separation, “apparently NOM isn’t happy just breaking up gay and lesbian families.”