The Morning Pride: March 19, 2013

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Katie Herzig

– The Vermont House of Representatives has approved a bill that would require out-of-state companies to offer equal healthcare benefits to same-sex couples.

– The video posted online promoting the National Organization for Marriage’s march next week has been pulled from YouTube because the artist whose music NOM used, Katie Herzig, supports marriage equality and filed a copyright claim.

– The ACLU has warned a school to stop discriminating against its LGBT students, including censoring announcements for its Gay-Straight Alliance and imposing an anti-trans dress policy for prom.

Folk singer Michelle Shocked told a San Francisco concert crowd that “God hates fags” and now she’s losing gigs.

– Richard O’Brien, who wrote the the Rocky Horror Show way back in the day, has been taking estrogen for about 10 years and identifies as “30 percent woman.”

– Female UFC fighters are concerned about having to go up against Fallon Fox because she’s transgender, fearing she might have unfair advantages from her male development earlier in life.

– Who doesn’t love a sweet flash mob wedding proposal? This one’s from Brazil: