Republican State Chair Warns That Marriage Equality Will Lead To Tax Fraud

The chairwoman of Georgia’s Republican party voiced her opposition to marriage equality over the weekend by warning that people will use same-sex marriage to commit tax fraud.

Chairwoman Sue Everhart (R) expressed that her foremost criticism of same-sex marriage was that “it is not natural for two women or two men to be married… If it was natural, they would have the equipment to have a sexual relationship.” But she also told the Marietta Daily Journal that straight people would abuse a law change for “the benefits”:

Everhart said while she respects all people, if same sex marriage is legalized across the country, there will be fraud.

“You may be as straight as an arrow, and you may have a friend that is as straight as an arrow,” Everhart said. “Say you had a great job with the government where you had this wonderful health plan. I mean, what would prohibit you from saying that you’re gay, and y’all get married and still live as separate, but you get all the benefits? I just see so much abuse in this it’s unreal. I believe a husband and a wife should be a man and a woman, the benefits should be for a man and a woman. There is no way that this is about equality. To me, it’s all about a free ride.”

Everhart also added that if she “had a next door neighbor who was in a gay relationship, I could be just as friendly to them as I could be to you and your wife or anybody else.”

Nine states, along with the District of Columbia, have passed marriage equality. There has been no indication of a fraud epidemic thanks to those laws, just as there is no widespread fraud because of opposite-sex marriages.