Michael Reagan Offends LGBT People Just To Be Invited On TV

Earlier this week, Michael Reagan, son of the late president, wrote a scathing op-ed comparing same-sex marriage to polygamy, bestiality, and murder. In a tweet, Reagan apologized for the reference to murder, claiming he doesn’t remember it being there. Still, Wednesday night, he sat down with Piers Morgan to defend his other slippery-slope remarks. He doubled down on his comparison with polygamy with the biphobic notion that bi people — who are no less capable of monogamy — would want to marry a male and a female. But one candid comment revealed his true motivations for writing such vitriolic ideas:

I pay attention to what’s being said in courtrooms. These are the questions being asked of those people fighting for gay marriage. So, why aren’t you upset with everybody else? Why are you only upset with me? If I don’t mention those things also, to tell you the truth, you don’t invite me on.

Watch it:

For the record, the word “bestiality” was not mentioned during last week’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court, nor was polygamy discussed in any context as a consequence of same-sex marriage. Certainly, if either had come up in a way offensive to gay people, it wouldn’t have required Michael Reagan reiterating them for advocates to call them out.