The Morning Pride: April 15, 2013

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– A federal judge in Texas has denied asylum to a gay refugee from Jordan because of the Defense of Marriage Act, but spared him deportation.

– An Illinois state Republican lawmaker is under fire for comparing marriage equality to statutory rape.

– Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady has survived another attempt to oust him for supporting same-sex marriage.

– The West Virginia House has scrapped a bill to prohibit anti-gay jury discrimination.

– An Arizona mining town that passed civil unions has put the law on hold while it makes tweaks to avoid a legal challenge from the state.

Rick Santorum doesn’t understand why he’s a danger to kids.

– Despite 18,000 petition signatures of support, the Catholic Church has refused to reinstate a volunteer with ministerial responsibilities who was fired after marrying his husband.

– Watch one homophobic talking head interview another homophobic talking head.

– A Washington, DC judge has issued an order requiring a homeless women’s shelter not to discriminate against trans women.

– Pennsylvania state Rep. Mark Smith (D) was kicked out of his Christian rock band for supporting marriage equality, but he says “that’s nothing compared to LGBT couples being told their love is irrelevant/unsanctioned.”

– A Tennessee man took to Facebook to document how the state of Georgia placed a hold on his adopted son’s birth certificate because he has a same-sex partner, but thankfully the Social Security office has agreed to expedite his request, saving his son from having to wait 20 years to get documentation.

– LGBT seniors in Philadelphia face big disparities in accessing health services.

– The Irish Constitutional Convention voted to include same-sex marriage in the country’s constitution, a measure polls suggest 75 percent of voters will support.

New Zealand lawmakers are expected to approve marriage equality legislation this Wednesday.

– A British teacher who told students that being gay is “disgusting” has been indefinitely banned from teaching.

Vietnam will no longer fine people for having same-sex marriages, but they still won’t be recognized.

– A trans woman and trans man in Britain are going to marry each other.

– GLSEN offers this response to homophobe Linda Harvey’s opposition to the Day of Silence: