Missouri Family Establishes Legal Defense Fund To Fight Hospital’s Discrimination

Amanda Brown has set up a legal defense fund to support her father, Roger Gorley, to challenge the Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri for using police force to separate him from his husband Allen’s hospital bedside. She explained the intent of the fund to the New Civil Rights Movement:

BROWN: We are going to use the money to fund Roger and Allen’s legal defense. Any money left over will be split among the LGBT organizations that have helped us during this traumatic injustice. We only want the hospital to apologize for what they did, re-educate their staff as to the proper procedure, educate their staff, including security, as to the current laws in place to protect individuals/ couples who identify within the LGBTQQIAA movement, and on a national level ensure every police department and medical establishment educates their staff as to what their regulations are and how they need to coincide with the current laws.

As details about the incident continue to surface, the hospital has refused to take any responsibility for its treatment of Roger Gorley, continuing instead to blame him for being disruptive, even though it was Allen’s brother, Lee, who was inappropriately trying to exert medical authority over Allen’s care. Amanda posted another update on Sunday sharing that Roger is now visiting with Allen, whose condition is improving. Still, they are worried that Allen’s family may still try to usurp medical control over him by other legal means:

Allen is quite upset that his brother acted the way he did and does NOT want his family to make legal decisions for him. He made it very clear to us and the State Health Department that he told the nurse that first night in the ER that Roger is his husband, has legal power of attorney, and didn’t want him to leave the room.

We have reason to believe his brother and sister have spoken to Social Services and are going to try and use “senior abuse” laws (even though Allen is only 46) to try and have him declared incompetent and seize my father’s right to make decisions with/for him. We will fight this… they will lose.

He’s doing well and is ready to come home. He wants to release his own statement, and will probably do a  few interviews, when he gets home and is rested. He will clear up some things for everyone and is happy that this situation, however difficult, has allowed people to have an important conversation about gay rights in this country. We appreciate everyone’s kind words and support. They have already racked up a few thousand dollars in medical bills from this (on top of having to cancel their trip to Amsterdam this week… non-refundable reservations).

More information about the family’s efforts to raise funds for their legal and medical bills is available here.