The Morning Pride: April 16, 2013

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– A Williams Institute study suggests that marriage equality would bring $42 million to Minnesota over the first three years.

– More than 91 percent of undergraduates at Brown University would support marriage equality in Rhode Island.

– One of the National Organization for Marriage’s favorite talking heads, Frank Turek, argues that heterosexual-only marriage doesn’t discriminate against gays and lesbians because they benefit from it just like they benefit from the police. (He seems to forget that hasn’t always been true.)

– Around 70 anti-marriage equality protesters were arrested in Paris for setting up a campsite outside the National Assembly as tensions rise over the bill’s impending passage.

– Watch Margaret Thatcher’s anti-gay speech from 1987, in which she claims that when children are taught it’s okay to be gay, they are “cheated of a sound start in life — yes, cheated.”.

– Major League Soccer launched a new “Don’t Cross The Line” campaign against discrimination, but the same day, a San Jose Earthquake player called an opponent a “fucking faggot.”

– Andrew Garfield, of The Amazing Spider Man and The Social Network, supports same-sex marriage because “there is no argument against equality.

– Did Louis C.K. insinuate that pedophiles are gay men in his latest special?