POLL: 62 Percent Of New Jersey Voters Would Vote For Marriage Equality

A new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll finds that an overwhelming number of New Jerseyans want to vote on the question of same-sex marriage so that they can approve it. According to the poll, 69 percent of respondents support a referendum, and 62 percent of respondents would vote yes for marriage equality while only 30 percent would oppose it. Indeed, 75 percent of those who support a referendum are supporters. Support continues to be highest among Democrats (72 percent) and independents (63 percent), and lowest among Republicans (40 percent) and self-identified conservatives (31 percent).

This year, New Jersey legislators are still contemplating overriding Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) veto from last year, but it’s unclear if they will secure the votes necessary. A lawsuit is also proceeding asserting that civil unions fall short of providing equality to same-sex couples. Though a referendum seems like it would have promise if advanced, it would still require an expensive campaign and would have negative consequences for the LGBT community.