Washington McDonald’s Models Safe Bathrooms For Transgender Customers

A McDonald’s franchise in Seattle, Washington provides a perfect example of how easy it is to make sure transgender customers feel safe using the restaurant’s restrooms. A policy posted on bathroom doors reads the following:

We respect the rights of all customers and employees. We believe all people must have access to safe and dignified bathroom facilities regardless of their gender identity or expression. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted for this restaurant at 1530 3rd Avenue.

Employees and customers may use any restroom that corresponds with and is based upon the gender identity they publicly and exclusively assert or express.

We are committed to the principals (sic) of non-discrimination as provided by Washington Law.

The notice has apparently been posted or at least in effect since Washington’s nondiscrimination law passed in 2006, but has gained new public attention due to a posting on Reddit this week. Protections for transgender people are causing concern in numerous other states. A trans woman was banned from a grocery store in neighbor-state Idaho simply for using the appropriate restroom there. A Republican state representative in Michigan is campaigning against a local nondiscrimination ordinance, suggesting warning signs should be posted in bathrooms trans people might use. And Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh (R) is trying to protect businesses who might discriminate against transgender people.