Conservatives Condemn California ‘Gay Infertility’ Insurance Bill

Anti-gay conservatives are very concerned about a new bill proposed in California that would require insurance companies to cover fertility treatments for same-sex couples just like they do for opposite-sex couples. AB 460 stipulates that such coverage cannot be denied because of sexual orientation — in other words, any couple that is unable to conceive “after a year or more of regular sexual relations without contraception” would be entitled to coverage equally.

Conservatives like’s Ben Shapiro and WorldNetDaily’s Bob Unruh described the bill as “bizarre,” claiming it takes “pro-homosexual actions to a whole new level.” The American Family Association published the following quote from fellow hate group leader Peter LaBarbera:

This is about biology. Biologically, homosexuals cannot produce children, so politics cannot trump biology. The sad part is, we do have kids being placed in homes which are intentionally motherless or intentionally fatherless – and that’s very sad. But to force insurance companies to provide infertility treatment benefits to homosexual couples is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and hopefully the taxpayers of California will restore some common sense to the Legislature and say no.

And in her condescending fashion, Maggie Gallagher added, “The fantasy continues…”

Currently, 15 states, including California, require insurance companies to cover infertility diagnosis and treatment in some fashion. In other words, heterosexual couples in those states who want to have children will have the same opportunity to do so without financial burden whether they can conceive the old-fashioned way or require some medical assistance to do so.

Same-sex couples currently must spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to have a child through methods like surrogacy and egg donors. This is an unfair financial burden that punishes same-sex couples and deprives them of the same opportunity to raise a family. Under this bill, all couples would have the same support to have children. It has nothing to do with “trumping biology”; it’s about creating equity for all California families.