NOM Obsesses Over LGBT-Inclusive Middle School Anti-Bullying Lesson

The National Organization for Marriage is very concerned about an anti-bullying lesson that took place at a middle school in Red Hook, New York. Students from Bard College talked to the middle schoolers about the existence of LGBT people, including identities such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer,” and roleplayed how to say no when asked for a kiss. According to NOM, this is a “terrible example” of the consequences of marriage equality, a point it made in three separate emails on Tuesday: one about Delaware, one about Rhode Island, and another for fundraising:

My friend, this is what’s at stake: our right to raise our children with our values, free from indoctrination into alternative “lifestyles” under the guise of “anti-bullying,” “tolerance” and “gender identity.” […]

Politicians never forthrightly tell citizens that their daughters could be encouraged at school to kiss another girl or that their sons should always carry a condom. They don’t tell you that second graders can be taught about same-sex “marriage” in class, or that the existence of gay “marriage” would be used by a lesbian sex-ed teacher in Massachusetts to instruct her students in the details of having lesbian sex. And they don’t tell you about all the people who are sued or punished for refusing to go along with a gay “marriage” regime and who hold firm for traditional marriage.

It’s an agenda pushed by a set of people who truly believe that anyone who stands up for the simple truth that marriage is between a man and a woman because children have a right to both a mother and a father is a bigot and must be treated as such under the law. And as such, the law must be brought to bear to “correct” our hateful thinking and ensure that this “hatred” is not passed along to our children.

NOM is trying to defend forced ignorance. It doesn’t want children to learn that some of their classmates might have same-sex parents. It doesn’t want them to learn that some people have sexual orientations that aren’t heterosexual or gender identities that are not cisgender. And the fact that NOM refers to all of these identities as “lifestyles” suggests that they don’t want young people to have even the most basic understanding of the LGBT community. That deficit of knowledge is exactly what perpetuates the epidemic of anti-LGBT bullying in schools.

By obsessing over this non-story being driven by a few conservative parents, NOM once again confirms that its agenda is not limited to the issue of same-sex marriage. Indeed, they want families to fear LGBT people and the thought that their children might learn such a community exists — or that they might identify with it.