The Morning Pride: April 29, 2013

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Nevada’s homeless shelters are swelling with LGBT youth, many of whom have been rejected by their families.

– Equality Matters profiles Fox News’ Todd Starnes, the network’s “mouthpiece for anti-gay hate groups.”

South Carolina will begin considering an LGBT nondiscrimination bill this week.

– New York has begun consideration of a ban on ex-gay therapy for minors.

-After receiving a warning from the ACLU, a central Pennsylvania school has allowed a transgender student to attend prom with his girlfriend, though that doesn’t change the fact he was excluded from running for prom king.

– The Federal Elections Commission cannot allow same-sex couples to contribute jointly to political campaigns because of the Defense of Marriage Act.

– Students at the University of San Diego, a Catholic University, tried to pray away a drag show.

Students and Anonymous are organizing to support fired Ohio Catholic school teacher Carla Hale.

– Despite their ties to New Zealand, the Cook Islands will not be proceeding with marriage equality.

– The Australian Christian Lobby — an anti-gay group — did not secure, so now there’s this.

– Openly gay kicker Alan Gendreau was not part of the NFL draft, but is hoping to land a tryout at a training camp this summer.

– “Yes, I really am bisexuals. Deal with it.”