Pat Robertson: Gay People Can Change Just Like Murderers, Rapists, And Thieves

Televangelist Pat Robertson has long supported the idea of ex-gay therapy, telling parents that the best way to love their gay son is to force him into the shame-based treatment and encouraging conservatives to befriend gay people to encourage them to do the same. On today’s 700 Club, Robertson expressed concern that promoting ex-gay therapy will be considered hate speech, but that gay people can change just like murderers, rapists, and thieves:

ROBERTSON: For somebody to say that a homosexual can change — that somehow is a hate crime? It is a hate crime to say somebody can change their sexual preference? That that’s a hate crime? […]

The power of God can change people’s orientation. A murderer can change. A rapist can change. A thief can change. That’s what the Gospel is all about. It’s not a hate crime.

Watch it (via RightWingWatch):

Robertson’s comparison demonstrates how little he understands the concept of sexual orientation, let alone its biological components. Of course, Robertson also believes that homosexuality is “related to demonic possession,” so he might not be easily persuaded, even if researchers from his own Regent University couldn’t prove that ex-gay therapy works.