The Morning Pride: May 29, 2013

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– Exxon Mobil will once again consider — and likely defeat — nondiscrimination protections for LGBT employees today.

– Michigan may not have marriage equality, but one county is recognizing same-sex couples when it comes to property rights.

– Louisiana is considering a bill that would block same-sex couples and unmarried partners from surrogate parenting.

– Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Congressman Louie Gohnert (R) are still really unhappy about gay Boy Scouts.

– The FBI is investigating a “suspicious” envelope that was mailed to the Human Rights Campaign building, though the letter addressed gun control, not LGBT rights.

– After Kaitlyn Hunt was kicked out of school for her relationship with a younger girl, she ended up being witness to a case of two other girls of the same ages making out in a restroom, but the charges on those girls were dropped.

– There may be a Harvey Milk stamp released in 2014.

– Is President Obama taking enough action for LGBT equality by continuing to avoid an executive order for employment protections?

– A British coroner investigating the death of a transgender teacher who committed suicide after being outed by the press concluded his inquest by turning to the press to say, “Shame, shame on all of you.”

Scotland will unveil a marriage equality bill next month, which could lead to same-sex marriages taking place by September 2014.

– MMA fighter Fallon Fox won her first match after coming out as trans.